Makeup Chennai

Make Up

“Make up is my ART”

A good makeup is not about transformation, but about enhancement. We serve to make you look the best version of yourself. For this, we make sure to use the best of the brands which doesn’t compromise with the health of your skin. Some of the brands we use are:

  • MAC
  • DIOR
  • YSL


Hair Styling

“Makeup and Hairstyle are the perfect couple”

Complimenting a beautiful makeover with a gorgeous hairstyle takes you from better to best. Whether it is a traditional hair-do or a trendy hair-do, our team brings out the best that suits you.

The styles offered are:

  • Traditional braided style 
  • Chic updo

  • Wavy downdo

  • Braided updo

  • All types of  buns

Saree Draping by Chennai Bridal Makeup in Chennai

Saree Draping

“Getting dressed is an option. Getting well dressed is a choice”

We come with the best saree drapers. Who brings out the fullness in you the varieties we offer includes:

  • Traditional South Indian Style
  •  Madisaar (Iyer & Iyengar )
  •  North Indian style
  • Lehenga dressing
  • Christian  gown dressing 


Events We Undertake

  • Wedding events
  • Party get ready
  • Outdoor shoots
  • Film/Tele serials
  • Commercial shoots “advertisement”